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Pre- A Song of Ice and Fire Greatest Love Stories: Joanna & Tywin Lannister

“He ruled the 7 Kingdoms, but was ruled at home by his lady wife.”

Joanna was born into a cadet branch of House Lannister, and was sent to King’s Landing as one of Princess Rhaella’s ladies-in-waiting. She was promised to her cousin, Tywin; Lord of Casterly Rock, who would later be the Hand of King Aerys II Targaryen. On their wedding day, it was said that Tywin Lannister smiled; a rare occurrence as he mistrusted laughter after hearing too much directed at his father and House during his early years. 

The marriage was considered a happy one; Joanna became Tywin’s trusted counselor and companion. However, Lady Joanna died whilst giving birth to their son, Tyrion. According to Tywin’s brother Gerion “the best part of Tywin died with her”.

Tywin never remarried, nor did he ever smile again.

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"The best part of Tywin died with her."

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